Over the past year Lefroy Exploration applied for and had granted a number of exploration tenements, prospective in Gold and/or Nickel, within the Yilgarn Craton in Western Australia.



Two exploration growth projects have either been granted or are under application, namely, the Lake Johnston Project and the Murchison Project.


Lefroy Exploration Limited is a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands with its registered office in Roadtown the capital of the BVI. The company listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (‘ASX’) on the 5th September, 1991 as an investment fund and remains a recognised foreign Corporation. The company’s registered office is in Australia.

The focus of those investments in recent years was been on mineral exploration and mining companies aligning with the current Board’s expertise in the area. U.S. Masters Holdings Limited formally changed its name to Lefroy Exploration Limited (LEX) on 17th August 2016 to reflect its focus to exploration opportunities in Western Australia. In recent years LEX began to investigate greenfield investment opportunities in the mineral exploration area, with the aim of acquiring tenements for investment purposes and potentially acquiring tenements to undertake exploration activities.

The Company commenced applying for tenements considered prospective in Gold and Nickel in Western Australia during 2014 and 2015. The tenements portfolio is located within the Eastern Goldfields, Southern Cross, and Murchison Provinces of the Yilgarn Craton.

In October 2016 LEX entered into three separate agreements that considerably expanded the area available to LEX for exploration and provided the company with liquid securities which can be converted over time to fund exploration activities. These transactions, together with the Company’s acquisition of tenements, has transformed LEX into a Western Australia gold and nickel focused mineral exploration entity.

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